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Meet Some of Our Patients

Fourroux Prosthetics prides itself on our commitment to elevating the level of care that is provided to prosthetic patients. For years, amputees have been asked to accept a less than desired outcome and to adapt their lifestyle around their prosthesis.

Fourroux Prosthetics’ approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience – one that is rich in quality care, education, uses innovative prosthetic technology to provide positive patient outcomes. We grant a gateway to an improved quality of life for amputees and their families.

Every Patient Is Unique

We recognize that each prosthetic patient is unique and has individual aspirations. We provide a unique and comprehensive approach that allows each of our patients the ability to reach their particular goals and desires.

Regardless of your level of amputation, we are here to help. We invite you to explore some of our patient stories.

“Not only do they build a prosthesis for you, but they also educate you and actually work with you.”

— Todd, Below Knee Amputee

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