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Meet Susan

Below Knee Amputee

I feel like everything that I do every day between working full-time, taking care of my house. “ says Susan. “All of those things I don’t feel like I’d be able to accomplish if I was in pain all day, or I didn’t have my prosthetic leg.”

Having a well-fitting prosthesis is necessary for Susan, and other amputees, to be able to accomplish all their daily tasks. And having a prosthetic partner, to work with her and provide her a prosthesis that let’s her do all that is key to Susan’s success.

“I would say since I started coming to Fourroux, I have really felt like I have a partner.” explains Susan. “When you go there, you notice that they really care, that there is compassion there behind what they do. And they tailor their treatment so uniquely based on the patient.”

It wasn’t always like that for Susan. Past prosthetic facilities didn’t get to know her. Her likes and dislikes. What she does currently and what she aspires to do.

”In the past I think I had felt like a person who was a patient that went to the clinic that got seen and followed the treatment plan. But at Fourroux, I would tell someone, you are seen. They are gonna find out what you like to do, what you want to do. You’re gonna feel known there.” continues Susan.

“And now, I feel like I’m so fortunate that I found a partner that wants to come alongside me through this journey and see me through no matter what.”

“I think that success is not an outcome. Success is being able to be happy with where you are and feel like you can move forward putting one foot in front of the other. That’s success to me. And I really just feel like Fourroux is a place where people can achieve that.”

Start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics. Make a life-changing decision by calling today!

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“Life doesn’t stop just because you’re an amputee and you lose a limb.”

— Mia, Above Knee Amputee

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