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Get Back to Living Your Life

Life doesn’t stop when you are an amputee!

About Fourroux Prosthetics

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of every amputee we serve. We utilize advanced prosthetics technology, provide unmatched patient care, and administer custom prosthetic solutions for amputees of all levels.

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Meet Mia

Mia and the Fourroux staff worked together to get the right fit and the right componentry to allow her to do all the everyday activities that she desires. See her story.

Meet Dee

One of Dee’s favorite pastimes is riding horses. She can’t imagine what it would be like not being able to enjoy one of her favorite hobbies.
See her story.

Our Locations

St. Louis
Pensacola, FL
Tampa, FL

5453 N. 59th St.
Tampa, FL 33610

Ph: 813-374-6930
Fax: 813-374-7015
* By Appointment Only

“At Fourroux, we know we first have to learn about you as an individual and the type of lifestyle that you aspire to have.”

Learn More

Schedule a Free Consultation With Fourroux Prosthetics

During the FREE Consultation, tour our facility, meet our staff, meet our patients, review insurance benefits, and learn more about our process of using state-of-the-art prosthetic technologies to create a custom prosthesis specific for you. Let us show you the Fourroux Difference! This initial consultation is at no charge!