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Meet Mia

Above Knee Amputee

“I’m an amputee. I’m not in pain,” says Mia. “I get up. I come to work every day. I take care of my family. I’m doing things on a daily basis.”

“So, I almost feel like my job is never done, especially at home, because I’m always picking up things, having to clean up things,
having to sweep things up,” explains Mia. “‘Because I have a two-year-old and a one-year-old, so I stay very busy at home.”

Mia understands the importance of having a well-fitted prosthesis, as well as a prosthetic facility that goes above and beyond to make sure that all her needs are met.

“I don’t know what I would do without my prosthesis for weeks or just knowing something had to be changed on it and I had to wait.” says Mia. “I probably would have dishes stacked up. I would have dirty clothes everywhere. My house would be a mess, I know that.”

“And during that process, you really have to almost set time aside every week. This isn’t something like, ‘Okay, I come the first week, and then I’m gonna come back the- the sixth week and it’s done.’ I have to find the time to get off every week and take off work. That’s just unacceptable.” continues Mia.

“The good thing with Fourroux is they do things a lot quicker,” explains Mia. “The other companies that I have had to go to and get things done, it may take six to eight weeks for me to get a prosthesis. But with Fourroux, I’m on a test socket in an hour, and I can do another test socket in two hours. So that cuts out a lot of time for me. It’s quick. You won’t be waiting on your prosthesis long.”

“Fourroux is the only company that I’ve ever known or seen that can get you in a socket the same day.” explains Mia. “If you talk to someone else at another company, they’re like, ‘Well, I’m always in pain. My leg is always hurting. It’s never right. I’ve been there multiple times and they still can’t get it fixed.’”

“I would tell a patient you can’t go wrong with Fourroux. There’s no other company that can offer you what Fourroux can offer you,” says Mia. “Life doesn’t stop just because you’re an amputee and you lose a limb.”

Start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics. Make a life-changing decision by calling today!

Contact us at 888-810-6220, email, or schedule a FREE consultation here.

“Not only do they build a prosthesis for you, but they also educate you and actually work with you.”

— Todd, Below Knee Amputee

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