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Fourroux Prosthetics - Atlanta, GA
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Welcome to Fourroux Prosthetics, Atlanta, GA.  Located in the Johns Creek area, our facility is easily accessible within the Metro Atlanta area located on two northern Atlanta thoroughfares.

Our Atlanta staff are industry leading practitioners and professionals who are dedicated to the field of prosthetics.  Our staff utilize Fourroux’s patented advanced prosthetics technology, and combine it with our unmatched patient care approach to help amputees succeed.

At Fourroux Prosthetics Atlanta, GA, we help get amputees back to living their lives, faster and more efficiently than facilities using traditional prosthetic methods.  In most instances, amputees will receive their prosthesis the same day as their prosthetics appointment.

Contact our Fourroux Prosthetics Atlanta location, for more details on how we can assist you, or simply set up a FREE Consultation to meet the staff and see our facility and discuss your current prosthetic needs.


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Fourroux Prosthetics
6630 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Suite A
Duluth, GA 30097

Phone: 678-584-1706
Fax: 678-417-0472

6630 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Duluth, GA 30097, USA

Contact us to schedule a FREE Consultation
or meet the staff.

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