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Fourroux Prosthetics - Atlanta, GA
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Welcome to Fourroux Prosthetics, Atlanta, GA.  Located in the Johns Creek area, our facility is easily accessible within the Metro Atlanta area located on two northern Atlanta thoroughfares.

Our Atlanta staff are industry leading practitioners and professionals who are dedicated to the field of prosthetics.  Our staff utilize Fourroux’s patented advanced prosthetics technology, and combine it with our unmatched patient care approach to help amputees succeed.

At Fourroux Prosthetics Atlanta, GA, we help get amputees back to living their lives, faster and more efficiently than facilities using traditional prosthetic methods.  In most instances, amputees will receive their prosthesis the same day as their prosthetics appointment.

Contact our Fourroux Prosthetics Atlanta location, for more details on how we can assist you, or simply set up a FREE Consultation to meet the staff and see our facility and discuss your current prosthetic needs.

Meet the Team

Will Holbrook

CP/LP, Senior Clinical Coordinator

Will Holbrook is a certified and licensed prosthetist in the states of Alabama and Georgia. Will is Clinic Lead of Fourroux's Atlanta facility, and Clinical Director of all 8 Fourroux offices. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, and a Graduate Degree in Prosthetics from Northwestern University.

Will has been in the field of prosthetics for 26+ years, and has been with Fourroux since 2014. He is a member of several national and local prosthetic organizations and where has presented case studies and research papers. Will has also volunteered with the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, and has traveled to Haiti to fit earthquake victims with prosthetic limbs.

Will is a native of Georgia and loves spending time with his wife and two children. He loves science and robotics, as well as competitive sports. He also enjoys outdoor activities; like hiking, camping and kayaking.

Julie Scott

CP/LP Prosthetist

Julie Spearing completed her clinical residency for prosthetics and is working towards her boards to become a certified and licensed prosthetist. A graduate of the Northwestern University Orthotics & Prosthetics program, Julie has worked for Fourroux since 2017. In her free time, Julie enjoys exercising, playing tennis, and traveling.

Chris Waldrop

Chris Waldrop

CPA/LPA Prosthetist

Chris Waldrop is an ABC certified and licensed prosthetist assistant in the Atlanta, GA office. He started at Fourroux Prosthetics in 2004 at our Corporate Headquarters in Huntsville, AL as a Technician, and has worked for Fourroux in both Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO as well. In his free time, Chris enjoys attending sporting events and exploring Atlanta attractions and outdoor activities with friends.

Mia Roberts

Patient Care Coordinator

Mia Roberts is the Patient Care Coordinator for the Atlanta, GA office. Mia has worked in the prosthetics field since 2009, and is an above knee amputee herself. Her experience in prosthetics from both a provider’s standpoint, as well as a user of prosthetics, gives Mia the unique ability to relate to both amputees and healthcare professionals on an extremely high level.

Mia has been with Fourroux since 2017. You will find Mia chatting it up with amputees at their doctor appointments, hospitals, rehab centers, in the office or at their home. Peer counseling is her favorite part of the job, and she loves being a resource for amputees! Mia also builds relationships with healthcare providers in effort to make the process for everyone involved easier and successful.

“I love that I give so many other people instant hope just from walking in a room before I say anything. Rapport is built immediately, and I have gained a relationship for life. It is so flattering when a patient tells me that he/she wants to walk like me. I don’t put limitations on anyone. Anything is possible!”

Mia loves to work hard, and play hard as well. This time of the year you can find her walking in the heat or the rain, as well as working out. She loves to stay active! On the weekends, Mia loves spending time with her two daughters, and enjoys a good game night with family and friends.


Contact Us

Fourroux Prosthetics
6630 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Suite A
Duluth, GA 30097

Phone: 678-584-1706
Fax: 678-417-0472

6630 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Duluth, GA 30097, USA

Contact us to schedule a FREE Consultation
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