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Meet Clarence

Below Knee Amputee

“Fourroux cares about you, and your well-being.  They care about your quality of life, and that’s what’s important to me.” says Clarence.

Having a well-fitting prosthesis is important to Clarence, and also being treated like an individual and not a number.  Having that prosthetic partner ensures that he is getting the best prosthesis for him personally, and not being provided the generic prosthetic device.

“They are not trying to sell you the best prosthetic this or that.  They are not like, ‘Clarence this is the best for you, or this is the best…’, none of that.  They care about you as a person and what is best for YOU.” says Clarence.

“That’s what I like.  It’s like a good marriage.”

If you are in need of prosthetic assistance, or would like to discuss your prosthetic options, start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics.

Make a life-changing decision by calling today!

Contact us at 888-810-6220, email, or schedule a FREE consultation here.

“Life doesn’t stop just because you’re an amputee and you lose a limb.”

— Mia, Above Knee Amputee

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