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Meet Peggy

Below Knee Amputee

Peggy is a seasoned below knee amputee. She has experienced different prosthetic facilities and the difference in care available to amputees. She understands this difference and why choosing the right prosthetic facility can be so valuable to an amputee and how you live your life.

“When I got to Fourroux, my eyes were just so open because everything was done in the office. You came in with a leg that didn’t fit and walked out with a new leg, ready to go.” Says Peggy. “It was so much more advanced, streamlined, and progressive. It seems with the scanning of the leg, with the systems that they have now, every little indentation in your leg is cataloged right in the computer. And so you can get such a more exact fit with your leg without so many trials and errors.”

“I was going to a prior prosthetic group, and something just felt that I wasn’t where I should be. I was having problems where I just wasn’t able to advance.” describes Peggy. “And, it would take at minimum two weeks with the first. So, if you had an ill-fitting leg, you still had to try and deal with it for another two or three weeks. And then, when you went, you had to set up another appointment to go in and you just had to hope that if there were any issues, it wouldn’t take another week to make the adjustments. But having Fourroux be able to see firsthand what needs to be done, be able to correct it, and then get that foot or leg right out to you. You don’t have to sit and think, ‘oh, man. I had so many plans that I want to do this weekend and now I’m not going to be able to.’ With Fourroux, I can still keep my plans tonight.” says Peggy.

“They’re wonderful. They understand that these legs are our lives and allow us to do things – they go out of their way to make it happen.”

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“They really do care. From the receptionist to everyone that helps you along the way. It’s family.”

— Evelyn, Above Knee Amputee

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