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Meet Jim

Below Knee Amputee

As with any new obstacle in life, Jim had no idea what the future would hold when he lost his limb below the knee. He knew very little about being an amputee. He didn’t know what all it would entail. Would he be confined to a wheelchair? Would he be able to resume the things in life he enjoyed?

“When you first do this, everything runs through your head,” explains Jim. “I was thinking, I’m gonna have to get me an electric wheelchair where I can get around, go places. I can’t sit around, and not do nothing. But I don’t need it.”

Jim has learned that being an amputee doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life and do the things that you want to do. He doesn’t let the fact that he’s an amputee slow him down!

“I think a lot of getting passed everything is the attitude has got to be, ‘I can do this, I can go, I can do whatever I need to do. It’s a big thing to lose your foot, don’t get me wrong.” continues Jim. “But in the scheme of things, it’s a minor change. And so people say, ‘I can’t do that.’ You can do anything you want to do. You just got to want to.”

“I get up in the morning, most time I just drink coffee and go outside and I start doing something in the yard, working in my shop, repair junk. If something is broken, I try to fix it,” says Jim. “Some days, I’ll get up early, seven/eight o’clock. You know, I say it’s early. It’s not for people working, but it’s early for me. And I’ll go out in the shop and be out there all day until five/six o’clock in the evening. I’ll have been on my feet all day and I’ll hobble a little bit coming in then you’ve been on your feet nine/ten hours. That’s a long time, especially on a prosthetic.”

When asked what it means to have a prosthetic facility that knows you and understands the importance of having a well fitted prosthetic, Jim says it’s extremely important.

“You don’t realize the things that can go your way. (At Fourroux), you meet good people and you got people that’ll work with you to make your prosthetic fit good. It’s pretty sweet to have somebody that cares.”

Start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics. Make a life-changing decision by calling today!

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“Life doesn’t stop just because you’re an amputee and you lose a limb.”

— Mia, Above Knee Amputee

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