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Meet Adam

Upper Extremity Amputee

Adam is an upper extremity amputee that is not afraid to try different things. Prosthetics to him are just a mindset.

“I guess I just wanted to try all different kinds of things. Just enjoy getting out, not sitting around,” says Adam. “Prosthetics are just a mindset.”

Finding a prosthetic facility was important to Adam. He wanted to find a facility that was going to talk with him and learn about the things he wanted to get back to doing. At Fourroux Prosthetics, we developed a plan and worked together to find solutions to the everyday challenges he faced.

“When I went around to different prosthetists, they didn’t really talk about what I was going to you use it for, and then I would tell them what I was using it for, and they said ‘No, you can’t do that,’” explains Adam. “That is probably what got me to move on.”

“I found Fourroux, and, I liked it. They know what I want and they’re listening to my feedback and then letting me be part of the process,” says Adam. “They definitely listen to what my needs are.”

“That’s kind of what I look for, just because there’s no point in making you something if you’re not going to wear it.”

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“Fourroux did it. It really is the first time that anybody seemed to listen or hear me.”

— Fern, Below Knee Amputee

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