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Meet Laura

Below Knee Amputee

Born with a birth defect of having one leg shorter than the other, Laura is an experienced amputee. It’s all she’s known, literally learning how to walk with a prosthesis.

However, there was a time, like many amputees face, when she felt that she wasn’t progressing. She wasn’t getting the attention from her prosthetic facility that she felt she needed. Her relationship with her practitioner was very good, but she felt like there had to be more. With all the new, developing technology, there had to be something better.

She was introduced to Fourroux Prosthetics by a family member who had seen a commercial on TV. She was attending college at the time and decided to make the commute to learn about the difference at Fourroux Prosthetics. “I was nervous at first,” says Laura. “It’s so personal getting a prosthetic leg.”

While at Fourroux Prosthetics, she had learned about new techniques that were being used she had never seen before. She was introduced to the use of Laser Scanners to capture the shape of her limb to make her prosthesis, rather than the traditional use of plaster. Turn-around times were faster and she was able to get her new prosthesis in a much quicker time than she was used to. And, she felt like she was being educated in the process. “I didn’t know AK, BK, above knee, below knee. I didn’t know that was the terminology used for it,” recalls Laura. It was an entirely different experience for her.

One of the biggest things she noticed at Fourroux Prosthetics was how they paid attention to the details – how they investigated what she likes to do in her life and how they could utilize that information to provide a prosthesis that would allow her to do daily activities. Fourroux Prosthetics realized from Laura that she liked to dress professional and she liked to dance, as well as dress casual. As Laura explains, “Well, one of the biggest things was that I am a girl and I love to wear flip-flops and I love to wear high heels.” It was something that was important to Laura, so it became important to Fourroux.

Ask Laura what she might say to someone who feels like they’re in a rut and not progressing as an amputee, and she’ll tell you she’s been there. She’s been in that exact spot in life. “I would say, if you’re not happy where you’re at, definitely give Fourroux a try,” says Laura. “I want them to know that if there are things in your life that are important to you, but that a prosthesis might hinder you from doing those, that you can always ask.”

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“Life doesn’t stop just because you’re an amputee and you lose a limb.”

— Mia, Above Knee Amputee

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