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Meet Charles

Below Knee Amputee

Like many people who become amputees, Charles was apprehensive about what his life would be like as an amputee. Would he be able to continue with his passion, construction work? Would he be confined to a wheel chair, having limited mobility?

“Since I received my prosthetic I’ve been able to go back to a lot of the work that I used to do,” says Charles. “I used to do complete construction work, home remodeling, cement, fence, electrical, plumbing. I can do all of those things in any kind of a construction site.”

Charles has a great outlook on life. He has the drive and will to live a productive life. We asked him what it’s like being an amputee since it has been such a short time since he lost his leg.

“Now personally, I think it’s real easy to deal with, but dealing with it means that it’s a mindset. And sometimes it’s who’s on the backside prompting you or helping you. If you don’t have that support, then it’s going to be a lot harder to do.”

“I highly recommend Fourroux to anyone who needs a prosthetic. I found all of my experiences to be great, from the day that I come into the office until right now.”

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“They really do care. From the receptionist to everyone that helps you along the way. It’s family.”

— Evelyn, Above Knee Amputee

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